A building under construction with the roof up.

Roof Maintenance

In order to sustain a good-looking and functional state of your roof, it needs to...
A man holding onto a snowboard while standing on top of a wooden structure.

Fresh Air Intake

Fresh air, or combustion air, intake is very important for proper functioning and safety of...
Two men are sitting on a bench and one is pointing

Winter Is Here—Is Your Roof Ready?

When your site is susceptible to storms of any sort, don’t throw caution to the...
A man with goggles and ear muffs on cutting wood.

Is The Roof Ready For Storms?

As this column was prepared, the Weather Channel was tracking a major snowstorm moving up...
A close up of the gutter on a house

Eavestrough Cleaning

Eavestroughs are important elements of any building. They protect your house from excessive water, but...