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Buying or selling a home should be a breeze. The last thing you want is hidden issues arising to dampen your dream. At Will Inspect, we endeavor to provide the best inspection and  share home maintenance knowledge. We deliver an exceptional overall experience as a professional home inspector firm.

Various diagnostic tools including a moisture meter, smoke detector, infrared thermometer, electrical outlet tester, pressure gauge, voltage detector, and infrared camera on a wooden surface.
A man kneels on the kitchen floor using a flashlight to inspect the area under an appliance.
A person stands on a ladder cleaning the gutters of a two-story house with blue siding, white trim, and a blue front door. Three trash bins are located near the entrance. The house number is 12.

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Expertise Rooted in Experience and Knowledge

With over two decades residing in the lower mainland of BC, we bring extensive expertise in rainfall dynamics and a comprehensive understanding of its various impacts, coupled with a thorough grasp of topography. Having served as the President of his strata council for more than 15 years, we have considerable experience in assessing strata properties, making us the ideal choice for condo or town-home inspections. However, our true forte lies in inspecting homes of diverse sizes and ages, with a particular fondness for the charm of 100-year-old Vancouver heritage homes, an opportunity for continual learning and knowledge-sharing. Complemented by a background in construction, Will Inspect stands out as an unparalleled resource for knowledge and expertise in the field.

Dedication to Excellence and Training

Dedicated to achieving the highest standards, Will Inspect is committed to rigorous training, extensive testing, countless hours of in-field training, and successfully passing entry exams, demonstrating exceptional qualifications and knowledge. As a certified Home Inspector Trainer, we actively mentor and educate emerging inspectors, contributing to the growth of the next generation. Additionally, Will Inspect excels in providing specialized coaching for home inspectors, offering the guidance and expertise essential for their success and flourishing in the industry.

Three people after home inspection pose for a photo inside a living room, smiling. One person is holding a disposable cup, another person is wearing a cap, and the third person is wearing a blazer and holding a bottle.

Inspection Reports Provided by Will Inspect

All reports include:

  • Thermal Camera Scans
  • Detailed Explanation of The Issues
  • On-Site or Phone Consultation
  • Multi-Page, Picture Rich, Reports
  • No Travel Fees In The Lower Mainland
  • Digital Report E-Mailed Same Day
  • Immediate Call Response
  • Flexibility To Expect On Weekends
  • Questions Answered

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